Water park maintenance


Concept development is the first stage of construction. At this stage the plan is created and the unique design of the future water park.


During the design phase all engineering systems calculations are carried out. Its importance can hardly be overestimated.


Concrete and steel constructions, water slides installation, creation the pools and recreation zones will be done at this stage.


Service and maintenance of equipment after comissioning. You can be sure in us.

Except construction

The timely service of equipment is very important

High-quality service of water parks

All comfort and convenience which are received by visitors are first of all a merit of the people answering for technical service. Very important aspect - after sales services of a water park, from it directly depends whether the project will be successful and profitable or not. Any equipment becomes outdated, deteriorates, breaks or just becomes broken-down eventually. For example water slide joint sealing procedure will be required in any aquapark sooner or later. Each owner of water park must understand that the faulty equipment and discrepancy to technical norms can significantly affect reputation of all water complex and that worst of all can harm a life or health of visitors. Concerning this it is recommended regularly to carry out planned technical inspections and repair equipment.  

What include service of water parks?

First of all experts will control the water pH level in pools. It is a very important procedure as hard water is capable of causing negative consequences to the organism of visitors. Besides, maintenance process includes not only repair, but also maintenance of purity in pools.
But the most important in this service is the regular check of operability of water park with inspection equipment. It is necessary to ensure safety of the visitor because the defective pumps, tanks of filtering, system of ozonization or water treatment seriously worsen the water condition. Respectively, visitor will not be able to be in the polluted zones of park. If any defect will be found, professionals of our company will be able to perform repair of the equipment and to provide a guarantee for their work.
All services which are provided by the Power of Water Company meet the commonly accepted standards and standards which are pushed for parks with water attractions. If you order this services from us, you can be sure – your visitors will rest in the most comfortably way. 

To whom address for services?

Maintenance process is not cheap a procedure, but obligatory, therefore you should not neglect it at all. We with pleasure will provide the maintenance of water parks, and besides, are ready to offer the high-quality equipment:
  • Water playgrounds.
  • Slides and pools.
  • Pipes and pumps.
  • Means of filtering and disinfection.

Why our company?

Our employees work not the first year in this sphere therefore they have enormous experience. So, we can solve any problem as fast as possible and qualitatively. So if you need urgently re-seal joints of water slides, our experts will perform this work quickly and qualitatively. Besides, we guarantee:
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • High level of service
Our team of specialists will help quickly, qualitatively and reliably to perform repair, replacement, recovery and inspection equipment. Our professionals working in the sphere of maintenance of water parks regularly take professional development course, have perfect knowledge and practical abilities and therefore absolutely without any effort will solve any maintenance problem. 

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