Water park design


Concept development is the first stage of construction. At this stage the plan is created and the unique design of the future water park.


During the design phase all engineering systems calculations are carried out. Its importance can hardly be overestimated.


Concrete and steel constructions, water slides installation, creation the pools and recreation zones will be done at this stage.


Service and maintenance of equipment after comissioning. You can be sure in us.

We taking into account every detail of the project

Reliable and with attention to the details waterpark will be created

Development of the project

Any construction begins with the water park project. In it all hidden, but vital engineering and design decisions will be considered. In the project the key moments of architectural ideas and technological decisions are approved. Ready, qualitatively executed project - a half has put.
At designing it is necessary to consider at the same time the practical, functional and architectural parties.
Water park design company the Power of Water offers you to order the park of water entertainments project. We approach its accomplishment with all responsibility and we guarantee as a result large-scale theme park which will be pleasant to all its visitors. Besides our company will help you to minimize the water park project cost.
We approach creation project competently and in a complex. The modern water park is not only couple of pools and waterslides. Today it assumes existence of extensive infrastructure which provides to visitors comprehensive rest. Wave pools, children’s and teenage zones, territories for rest of adult clients, a Spa zone, improving complexes – only small part of what is required to visitors today.
At the designing of a project our experts consider specifics of an arrangement, basic needs of future guests and technical requirements to different zones. All parks of water entertainments are divided into two types depending on a location - indoor and outdoor:
  1. Design of an outdoor  type demands on the architect to consider the surrounding district and to organically enter it in the necessary territory. At this stage the main attention is paid to design of a technical aspect, because outdoor type is obliged to be not only the attractive, interesting place, but also to correspond to safety regulations of construction.
  2. Design of the indoor type - the main accent is construction and filling of internal part. In this situation we are faced with a problem of competent distribution of functional zones. 
All water park design includes:
  • Engineering systems
  • Systems of water treatment
  • Concrete designs
  • Steel structures for slides
  • Electric and automatic equipment
  • Heating, ventilation and conditioning
Main objective of our design company on this development stage - the water park must turn out to be not only an interesting and profitable place, but also be very reliable.

Architectural designing

Architecture and design of leisure centers which we provide corresponds to the main principles of construction of similar objects – durability, functionality in application and to beautiful decoration. 
We perfectly understand that the construction of water amusement parks possesses have special specifics. Therefore we consider these moments in designing. Designing of engineering systems assumes their most convenient arrangement and ease in servicing. Any design plan include a project of water treatment – one of the most important stages, depends on the quality of water in which visitor spend the most part of their time. He assumes planning and an arrangement of water objects, premeditation of water supply systems and filtering pools. 
However it is worth remembering that the project of ventilation, electricians, the water supply system and other engineering systems are also very important, because park is a single organism in which everything must work as the Swiss watch. 
The maximum practicality of a technical component will help to cut down expenses on frequent repair of the broken-down equipment and will reduce complexity of park maintenance servicing.

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