Water park сonstruction


Concept development is the first stage of construction. At this stage the plan is created and the unique design of the future water park.


During the design phase all engineering systems calculations are carried out. Its importance can hardly be overestimated.


Concrete and steel constructions, water slides installation, creation the pools and recreation zones will be done at this stage.


Service and maintenance of equipment after comissioning. You can be sure in us.

Large-scale construction and installation works

To make the guests be delighted

Construction of water parks with Power of Water company

The park of water entertainments is a difficult technical construction. To construct it, competent designing, and also performance of works by highly qualified specialists of the most various engineering specialties are necessary. The construction of water parks implies knowledge of certain consecutive actions. If you have resolved to build a water park, then our company will make recommendations as to make it from beginning to end. Our company specializes on construction of leisure centers in the different cities of Europe.
If not to know all subtleties of each stage, it is impossible to achieve high-quality result. Therefore, many construction companies offer construction of a turnkey type water complex. The price of complex water park construction turns out as a result less than if you look for separate company for each stage of works. If you contact us, the team of specialists of Power of Water Company will help you to realize dream in reality – to construct the unique construction. So, we have achieved success in the work because we treat it very seriously and responsibly. What we do:
  • We develop the project;
  • We examine everything, even the smallest details. We consider a land relief, already available infrastructure;
  • We explore and think over the thematic line;
  • We get all necessary permissions, hygienic conclusions, etc.
Besides our company will give a cue to you how to make cost of building the lowest, without losing quality.

What do you receive if you order a turnkey type?

Everything is simple, you receive that which you wanted – the water park, completely ready for opening and with excellent functioning. Arrangement of waterslides and installation works with all technological attraction equipment carried out by the Power of Water Company. In a word, you do not need to do anything, only to accept our work and to pay for it. The creation of water parks – a difficult task, but our specialists will help you to pull through with it most successfully.
Construction of the indoor, outdoor or year-round turnkey water park by our company is:
  • The high organization of project implementation at all its stages;
  • Center of gravity of clients;
  • The guaranteed profit.

Stages of park of water entertainments construction

Prior to the beginning of construction is the concept development. Then it must approved by the customer. After we have constituted the business plan, developed the concept and approved the project, construction stages begin. The last stage is installation of equipment and waterslides with our water park builders – high quality experts who know all important nuances and features of construction of entertainment centers. Further there is a start of exploitation and maintenance service of water parks.
Construction of turnkey water park can be realized, only by performing consecutive operations. Such works are carried out:
  • The territory under construction is allocated, the packet of allowing documentation is arranged;
  • Design engineering is performed;
  • Waterslides, attractions are made and delivered;
  • The equipment and materials for pools are made;
  • All necessary equipment is mounted;
  • Balancing and commissioning are performed;
  • Financing of the project and construction process are organized;
  • Children’s water interactive platforms are made and delivered;
  • Waterslides and attractions are installed;
  • The personnel are selected and trained;
  • Technical and maintenance services are performed.
We know how it goes - the construction of such parks in Europe and therefore our team of specialists has succeeded in this field of activity. The price of a turnkey type directly depends on requirements of the customer. The cost to build a water park will depend in many respects on its design, used materials, urgency of construction. If you are interested in constructing an amusement park in Europe, then our experts will consult you and will discuss with you all important points.
Write the letter in the form of feedback with detailed the description of your wishes or questions. Our specialist will answer you soon.

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