Water park planning


Concept development is the first stage of construction. At this stage the plan is created and the unique design of the future water park.


During the design phase all engineering systems calculations are carried out. Its importance can hardly be overestimated.


Concrete and steel constructions, water slides installation, creation the pools and recreation zones will be done at this stage.


Service and maintenance of equipment after comissioning. You can be sure in us.

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Concept and design of water park

Development of the water park concept is a difficult process requiring professionalism and attention to a set of details. Development of the concept includes planning of a set of difficult objects and zones which carry out different functions. Also feasibility study is an important part in the project of a water entertainment complex.

Development of the water park concept

Most often the design is created along with the concept of style features. Creation of water park design is closely connected with type of object and its location. It is not only about the indoor or outdoor amusement park, but also about the country, climate and specifics of the city. Our company will help you with master planning to make this project more profitable.
When the designer is engaged in development of the concept of the water park, he carefully thinks over an arrangement of objects. Proceeding from the vision of a situation, the optimum method of zoning of space is offered. Any park of water entertainments does not do without crazy attractions and waterslides, falls for territory decoration, playgrounds, etc. Also its success and profitability in many respects depends on water park layout plan.
To satisfy interests of all visitors, in case of conception development of water park the territory is divided into zones on age and types of entertainments. The high-quality concept project which our company suggests to order implies availability:
  • Children's zones for the smallest;
  • Interactive towns for teenagers;
  • The adult territories with extreme slides;
  • A relax of zones with Spa, pools, aqua-bar and other objects for rest.
The designer considers all nuances of an arrangement and type of object to enter them in a concept project. And our water park planner will help you ti realize even the most daring construction ideas.

Development of design of the outdoor and indoor parks

From that, outdoor or indoor will be the park of water entertainments, its decoration and technical components depends on. On an arrangement they are divided into two types:
  1. Indoor. Are located in the building
  2. Outdoor. Being under the open sky
If you have not solved yet where there will be future construction, we will conduct a number of researches of social and technical nature. Based on the received results, the concept and design with recommendations of its best arrangement will be created.
The design of an outdoor type sets a task to harmoniously enter the water amusement park in a panorama of a surrounding landscape, to allocate priority plants and natural scenery, to find general color solution, to think over stylization of attractions - and it is not all lists.
During development of conceptual design our specialists create the plan and water park blueprint and show it to a customer for him to gain a clear vision about the project concept. At this stage changes are made to appearance of all components before complete coordination.
The design of the indoor type sets a main goal to create a high-quality imitation of an environment which will be the most similar to the natural. In this case it is important to divide correctly the building into thematic zones and to competently use internal space.
In design of any park type an important point is thematic planning and the choice of style. In case of project design development by Power of water employees they will consider all recent trends in entertaining spheres.

Business plan development 

Creation of the business plan - very important stage as it displays a realistic plan on expenses and future income to the company in case of water park construction. Of course, any investment shall return and make profit. Therefore it is so important in park planning to consider all the costs and the income, to completely constitute a financial picture and then deliberately to make the decision on construction. To order the standard project of the park of water entertainments developed by our company is 100% profitable investment. In it the best decisions are collected and all risks are considered. 
Order the concept and development of design you can right now. For this purpose write in the feedback form on this page about your idea in detail. Specialists of Power of Water Company will attentively study the letter and will communicate with you for adjustment details.

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