Concept development is the first stage of construction. At this stage the plan is created and the unique design of the future water park.


During the design phase all engineering systems calculations are carried out. Its importance can hardly be overestimated.


Concrete and steel constructions, water slides installation, creation the pools and recreation zones will be done at this stage.


Service and maintenance of equipment after comissioning. You can be sure in us.

Full cycle of services

From the idea to the first visitors of the water park

Our Power of water company comprehensively approaches creation of water parks therefore we offer the widest range of services. Specialists from scratch develop the concept and create its project.
The construction and maintenance which are also offered by our company are performed at the first-class level. From the main areas of work it is possible to distinguish such points:
The company makes original figures for your park scenery, and also is engaged in the theming of various zones.

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