Wave pool construction

To visit the sea, it isn't obligatory to buy the ticket and to go to distant travel. Today there is a unique opportunity to build the wave pool in which it is possible to feel the sea coast and to jump on waves, in force which aren't conceding from natural.

Wave pool construction with Power of Water

Our company suggests you to order from us designing individually for your park of water entertainments. We are engaged in not only wave pool design, but also in equipment manufacturing (wave generation systems). This service implies a full range of works for wave pool construction.
In the cornerstone of construction lies a special form of bowl with difference of depths. Often this element has form of a trapeze, which flat part imitates the sea coast.
The construction of the pool which is offered by the Power of Water Company, assumes installation of the special equipment - the machine making waves not distinguishable from the real. Depending on type of the wave generating equipment, these are three types of wave formation:
  • The generator with the pneumatic drive. The device works by using air pressure and fluctuation of water. With this device we will be able to create for you imitation of 5 ball storm.
  • The mechanical drive lifts the massif of water by means of a big pendulum. With height they are much lesser and weaker, than in the previous case.
  • The hydraulic drive uses a special plate which works by means of cylinders of hydraulic type.

Pool design

We offer creation of the full project of construction of the pool with waves which on height and force don't concede to nature. Development is conducted taking into account an assessment of the territory and opportunities for installation of the suitable equipment. Aslo it is very important to choose the right wave machine suppliers because the efficiency of an attraction depends on this equipment.

Equipment of the pool

Our specialists will develop the wave machine for the pool which will be optimally entered in your project and will make the water fluctuation height necessary to you. We are the wave machine manufacturers and our equipment are selected individually in each case.
Are you at the stage of searching for the company which will construct the water park with implementation of new technologies and attractions? Or you want to order construction of such a pool separately? We are always glad to answer all your questions and to help with the choice.
Our team of specialists with long experience of work is always ready to work on your project.
Write the letter in the form of feedback below and describe that you want to receive as a result. We will answer you soon!

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