Water slides construction

Water slides - an indispensable attribute of any water park. They have become the first and main attraction, which appeared in the traditional water amusement parks, and since then haven’t lost their popularity. Today, they are very different from their predecessors because of complicated structures and high altitude. Our company is water slide builder and offers the water slides construction for the park, which are designed individually in each case. 

Construction of water slides with the Power of Water Company

Aquatic attractions for parks exist in a huge number of variations and are able to satisfy all need for amusements of any visitor. We offer the following types of the water slides construction:
  • straight;
  • with cascades;
  • with set of slopes and turns.
Also, they are distinguished by speed glide and slope angle. In the design, we carefully consider needs of all age groups, so every visitor could enjoy riding on the water rides.
Construction of extreme slides – frequent and popular service, which will be indispensable for the all establishment projects. Such park attractions have colossal glide slip, large differences in elevation level and a lot of cascades and turns.
Their construction must have precise control of the technical side process. Only a careful rules and technical aspects observance, together with using high quality materials will make construction safe for the visitors.

Water attractions designing

Our company places great emphasis on the design of slides because we understand the importance of strict observance of specific moments during the construction of the water park.
Designing the park swimming pools, which you can also order from us, assumes definition type and purpose of the pool. Today, parks contain huge amounts of water bodies, among them - the standard and wave pools, children's and adult areas, spa. Designers take into account the park thematic and decide the design, specific basin mechanism for wave’s creation (or lack of it), additional decorations. Also, designers calculate the degree of differences of bottom depth characteristics.

Water slide design

Development of slides design and other water attractions a sphere in which our company has made significant progress. We develop unique design of each particular object, which is not repeated anywhere else in the world. Our design experts will organically fit slides into the overall concept of park, making them an essential part of the object.

Water slide installation

We offer a full complex of services. It is not only the design and construction, but also the installation of slides. The installation includes:
  • Slides assembling. We assemble attractions taking into account safety and with strict observance of the technical instructions;
  • Installation. We know how difficult it is to correctly install water rides on the selected location, so we take full responsibility for this phase of work.
Objects installed by our company are fixed maximum firmly, and not stagger during exploitation.


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