Water slide restoration

One of our services is maintenance and repairs of water parks. In case of constant visit by clients of water parks, enormous load of attractions is created. Even the waterslides and pools made of high-quality materials sometimes become broken-down and require immediate repair. You should not lose sight of similar situations as not only pleasant pastime of visitors, but also their safety depends on serviceability of functioning of all attractions. Or sometimes for increase of profitability of an aquapark water slide restructuring is necessary. Also it is normal that from time to time in each aquapark waterslide inspection has to be carried out. It is a guarantee of serviceability of your equipment and timely failure troubleshooting. So order the inspection of waterslides and the other equipment from our company. 


Repair of fiberglass water attractions 

Our company provides services in water slide repair and recovery of its capability to full functioning:
  • Water slide restoration – an obligatory complex of works to which it is necessary to resort as soon as the slightest malfunctions are noticed. Restoration will be made by our specialists at the professional level.
  • We quickly determine in what the problem at the initial stage of its origin consists until it has outgrown in life-endangering people catastrophic crash.
  • Recovery of fiberglass water attractions is performed by our masters taking into account specific features of each waterslide, and also with observance of requirements for the treatment of this material. We will carry out reconstruction accurately and we will return attractions to an original form, so nobody will notice the changes.
  • Repair of joints of waterslides which is offered by our company will allow recovering parts of objects, to strengthen them, to make steadier against fixed loadings. Our company guarantees you the refurbishing of water slides qualitatively and quickly.

Reconstruction of the swimming pools and water parks

Renovation of pools in water parks – one of the most demanded services of our company. Renovation assumes eliminating the places of leakage and damages of a bottom, strengthening of walls, a covering burnish. After the completion of the repair of pools of water parks they will shine with dazzling gloss and can brag of reliability and fine functioning.

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